Christmanizing the apartment

This weekend has been full of Christmas preparations! I finally finished the advent calendar that I have for my roomies, meaning that I wrapped at least 20 gifts, plus the ones for Christmas. I also decorated the apartment with small Santas, I put up the Christmas tree, the advent candles etc. I can’t wait for us to celebrate here in the apartment, and for my parents to arrive so the family can celebrate it together!

Pre Christmas2Some of our Christmas decoration at home and the yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream that I had yesterday…

Last night I went to some German friends’ Glühwein party to have: glühwein. It was the first time I tried it, but we have something very similar in Sweden, so it wasn’t a completely new experience. And it was good, I love a cup of warm wine when it’s cold out! One of the friends had spent most of her time baking cookies too, typical cupcakes and cookies from Germany. They were really good but I think I had too many… And today I spent the day with my sister, my nephew and my niece baking gingerbread cookies. I think I managed to eat more of the dough than the baked cookies though, but I guess I’ll see tomorrow if I will regret it or not.

Pre Christmas1Pictures from the glühwein party and some pictures from making gingerbread.

A lot of people don’t think it’s cold in Seville but I beg the difference. When I was driving home about an hour ago was it only 8°C. Today the maximum should be 13°C but the lowest temperature 3°C! And yes, that is cold. Especially since there isn’t any proper heating systems in the buildings. The walls are thin and the floors are of stone which means that when the cold enters, it lingers. People often tell me that I should be used to the cold “because I am afterall from the North”, but no. It’s just different and not being able to heat up properly, ever, is my main problem. They say that the cold is different here because its humid, but I’m from Malmö, a city on the coast, so that’s the type of cold I am used to.

I may only have sand under my feet, but for me it’s just as cold as snow.


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