Reaching my goal

I’ve been working out quite a lot lately. I started going to the gym in the beginning of September and when they called me by the end of the month to offer me a free training session with a personal trainer I did not say no. And since then I’ve been working out with him once a week and going on my own twice a week.

I’ve worked at gyms for many years back in Sweden but I never really liked going there and this was one of the reasons I signed up for a personal trainer. Gyms are boring, I have never been motivated of going, but having someone that keeps track on you really helps.

The gym I go to is called Sato Sport and is in Seville, and the personal trainer works for ENSA sport. They are extremely talented and you don’t only have one trainer, you have them all. I love going there because they are all very friendly and take good care of you. It is very nice having someone talking to you, commenting on what you are doing and I don’t have to hesitate to ask any of them if I have a question.

My personal trainer, Ernesto Chao, asked me if I had any goal with my training when we started. I have never really cared about being top model fit, but looking good is always nice. So he asked me to look for a picture of what I wanted to look like. I am already quite slim but I would like to have my muscles a bit more defined, so I showed him a picture and we have now been working with different programs for a little more than two months. I take pictures of my body every week, and of course, it’s hard to see a difference from one week to another, but today when I put my first picture together with the one from today, I could really see the difference. And the difference is big. I still have parts that I want to keep on working on, but I am VERY happy with my result so far.

my goalThe two first pictures are me and the third is my goal.

We’ve mainly been working on cardio (which I hate…), weights and static training (planks etc.), we haven’t focused much on food. He keeps on telling me that I should try to stay away from certain kind of food, or all the beer, and some things I’ve taken in, but I’m just not willing to give up my pleasure of life to have a good body. Although, I think my subconscious has kept his words in mind when going out on the weekends when I, for example, have chosen a glass of wine over a beer. But I think working out stilled my cravings for sugar.

I still haven’t reached my goal and I will keep on working for it. Right now I just want to thank my trainer for what he’s giving me and the support he gives me every week. I am very happy with the gym and their work and I highly recommend it to others.

Ernesto me


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