On silent mode

I’ve had a problem with my voice lately, almost three weeks now, and another problem is that I am going to sing next week. I don’t sing very often, at least not in public, but next Saturday is Santa Lucia (St Lucy), which has a famous tradition in Sweden; singing. Every year at very school, city, workplace, nationally, there are groups, or “trains”, with Lucia and her maids and starboys. I know that this sounds very weird, and what is a starboy anyway?

I wish I could explain, but I actually can’t. I will however show you a picture of what a typical “train” in Sweden looks like. Picture taken from here.

luss3In the front you have Lucia with candles in her hair and the red ribbon tied around her waist to symbolize her blood and in the background you see her “tärnor” (maids) with glitter and a candle in their hands, and at the back are “stjärngossarna” (the starboys) with pointy hats and stars on a stick.

This weird tradition is something that also exists in Spain among the Swedes. Last year was my first year to join the group to sing. It was great and I got many new Swedish friends from it. This year we’re singing again and we started practicing a few weeks ago. I’m soprano which means that I have to sing some really high notes. Unfortunately my voice has been bad for a while now and I don’t know how I will be able to sing all these songs within just a week. That’s why I am on silent mode now, to rest my voice. I wonder how it will work out at school though because a part of my job is to sing. I sing about three hours a day, and when I don’t sing, I talk. I guess that is the downside of teaching; when you get a sore throat you can’t rest, because your voice is your job and you can’t work without it.

Luckily this weekend is a bit longer than normally because we are celebrating two holidays here in Spain, today it Constitution day and on Monday it is Inmaculate Conception day. More time to rest!


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