Re-elections in Sweden

Wow! The last eight years we’ve had a center-right rule in Sweden but two months ago we changed to the left-wing. And it didn’t seem to go too well for them… A few days ago there was a vote for the new budget but it got turned down by the parliament. This led to our Prime Minister announcing a re-election since the government can’t rule their own politics.

There were a lot of changes made economically, e.g. lower taxes for retired, higher taxes for high income earners and changes in budget for education and welfare. While waiting for the new elections the Swedish parliament will continue working with the budget presented by the former rule.

There has been one re-election in modern Swedish before; in 1958 because the parliament couldn’t agree on the pension. Before that there were two other re-elections, in 1887 and in 1914 but not with the same politics as now.

These news are all over Swedish media these days, and even in the world! I am not very interested in politics but I like being updated with what is going on and I am excited to see the outcome of this event. I’ve read many articles online and it seems like the Swedish parties are a bit shocked, but with excitement of getting a second opportunity.

I wonder what will happen because who wants to vote for someone that can’t control their own regime? And I guess that the change of politics depended on something, people wanted a change. So how will everyone vote now? The last few years a racist party has become bigger and they have a quite big part in the parliament. Will people continue voting for them? Or who will they go for? Who will be the winner in the next elections? I will have to wait and see until March 22nd, 2015.


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