The Big Food Collection

Friday and Saturday were the two food collection days in Sevilla. It’s an organization which asks people to donate food to people who are in need. The organization get people to sign up teams to help them in several supermarkets on these days. The teams stand by the entrance of the store and gives out bags for all customers entering and ask them to buy some food and put in the bag and then give it back to the team, which collects all the food and sends it over to Sevilla’s food bank.

It’s a very easy idea and it does so much good! This year’s goal was to collect 750.000kg of food, which would be a world record, if I remember it right from what I heard on the radio the other day.

And of course I helped out. I do it every year. They especially want groceries that are canned, dry legumes, baby food, oil and milk. And how much did it cost me? A few euros, but for the ones in need this might mean a months food, or at least two weeks.

The football club in Seville that I support usually have something similar once a year. You have to donate 10 kg of food and they give you a free ticket. The second picture (under) is from their collection in March. I had a project at that time photographing a picture of something that made you happy every day for 100 days.



More info (Spanish):


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