How sports influence me

I love sports! I love seeing people fighting a fair game, the joy, the tactics, the audience, the team spirit and sometimes also their grief.

I love watching the Olympics, not because my country is extraordinary good at it, we have some really good athletes but they are few, but I like watching it because all of the athletes are competing for their country and it’s their physical ability that took them there, not because they are rich, have the right contacts or anything. In competitions  where they compete by nation also brings the athletes together, even the individual sports. They all have their team that is either on the field/track/hall with them or they are among the audience cheering. I have been to many sports events and I love it when they all go together to cheer for their companions.

In national events I don’t care if my country win, because, as I said, we don’t have many top athletes, but of course, IF we win I go nuts! But also just seeing the one that won, see their happiness and how they can’t believe it themselves makes me very emotional. In a good way.

But… Then we have the teams that influence me in a bad way. I always get very emotional, always nervous during a game, and then happy or sad. I’m watching a lot of football (soccer) and my teams are Malmö FF from Sweden and Sevilla FC from Spain. Malmö FF is a very good team in Sweden, they won the national league two years in a row now and this year they qualified for Champions League, and this is huge! It was the first Swedish team in 14 years that managed to get into Champions League. Sweden isn’t a football nation so making it into the big international leagues is quite difficult. We have to play some qualifications rounds before getting there, and this year we made it! I even went to one of the games and I had big expectations on Malmö FF. Unfortunately it seems like we’ve come to an end… They lost yesterdays game and we’re out of Champions League and there’s only one small opportunity for us to actually get through to Europa League, which is Champions League’s little brother. And this fact, because I don’t believe we will make it through, makes me very sad. This is not the only case, also when Sevilla FC plays and if they lose, I’m getting very sad. Sometimes it lasts for hours and sometimes a whole day.

But new games, new victories! I’m a fan even if they lose.

1979984_10152209426333941_694630730_oEstadio de Sánchez Pizjuan, Sevilla FC


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