No sleep, no rest

Sunday night!

And here I am, wide awake. My alarm is set on less than seven hours from now and I know I should try to get some sleep because tomorrow is a new week and I need energy for my work. But can I sleep? No.

It isn’t because I slept all day long. No, I actually only slept for four hours, or maybe three? I just have too many things in my head and nighttime is my time of the day. I’m more creative, relaxed, I enjoy the silence in the building, and my bed is just so comfy to sit on. In Spain they don’t have the “usual” Ikea pillows, they have long pillows that stretches all the way over the bed. I have two of those. One full sized and one smaller (that still covers more than half of the bed) and on top of that I have three large cushions to bulk up with.

I have a friend leaving Spain this upcoming week and we have had goodbye parties the whole weekend and will have dinner during the week. I am always the one that organizes gifts whenever someone in our group has his/her birthday, are leaving, coming back etc. I like doing it, but sometimes it is a bit tiring because I end up staying up late most of my nights, and those eight hours of sleep that you should get every night, are lacking…

IMG_6937Here’s a picture of what my creativeness might look like. It was a photo album that I designed myself, using scissors and glue, for a friend who had been living in Spain for a few months last year.


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