Drink instead of working out?


I just read an article about Nestle investigating and producing a new drink that will contain enzymes that helps the body to burn fat and that stimulates the metabolism. It’s also supposed to be a good complement for people with diabetes.

They do however point out that this drink is not meant to replace all physical exercise but that it might be helpful for people who have difficulties to remain active, for example of old age, diseases or disability. The drink should be taken while doing some exercise, a fast walk for example.

I started doing a lot of exercise just a few months ago and I cannot imagine a life without movement. I am afraid that people might see this drink as a way to “escape” physical activity, but it is important to remember that movement isn’t just about burning fat, it does so much more to you, like making you happier, improving concentration, loses energy and gives you energy, make you sweat, stimulates the muscles etc.



More info on: http://www.nestle.com/media/newsandfeatures/ampk-metabolic-master-switch


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